Dongwon F&B’s Vision, ‘the First & Best Food Company that Contributes to the National Health’ is our promise to our customers to be a company that takes responsibility of their health as well as our strong will, with our healthy, ethical management philosophy, to contribute to the national economics and to become the Korea’s best food company by always pursuing only the best.
Customers are the basis of our business and the reason that Dongwon F&B exists. We always think and make decisions from the customers' point of view. We do our best to satisfy our customers so we can prosper together with them.
We respect every member of our organization as an independent individual. We encourage our staffs to grow through their experiences in our company and train them to be talented professionals in their fields.
Dongwon F&B has been making a ceaseless effort to provide a new value to the society. Strengthening the capability of our organization, we will keep heading toward a pioneering, revolutionary management that enables us to achieve even higher ideal and superior accomplishment.

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