Ever since the establishment of Ottogi Co., Ltd. In 1969, it has been growing up as a food specialized enterprise contributing to improve dietary habits of Korean by pursuing 'better quality, more nutriment, and more advanced foodstuffs.
With Ottogi Curry at the head of the foodstuff of Ottogi Co., Ltd., the company has been continuously developing and broadening its field of foodstuffs harmonizing high quality with convenience of food. The secret of Ottogi's foodstuffs provided as outstanding products to customers is its natural taste and rich nutriment in products together with its overall process of cautious selection in raw materials and shipment of finished products through a management, through cutting-edge facilities and thorough sanitation.
Credibility has been created from its best quality! Standing at the forefront of food industry in its taste and nutriment, Ottogi produces about five hundreds foodstuffs including instant noodles, curry, ketchup, mayonnaise, vinegar, oil and fat products, retort and canned fish including tuna, etc. Introducing such a unfamiliar variety of foodstuffs out to the market during last thirty years, Ottogi has been taking the initiative in improving the dietary habits of the Korean. In the 21st century, Ottogi plans to expand its business fields contributing to provide more advanced foodstuffs for the health of people which will be focused on the old, patients, and for the overweights. This is the promise that Ottogi will carry out for the customers, and it is also the vision that Ottogi will grow and develop as an extensive service industry.

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