The Sempio brand is currently in circulation in about forty countries worldwide in the form of soy sauce, soybean paste, and red pepper paste, among other products. In order to make Korean food more accessible to today’s fast-paced society, Sempio has ventured into the American fast food industry.
The numerous nutritional benefits of the soybean are widely known throughout the world. The rapidly increasing popularity of the soybean in recent years can be attributed to the globally booming vegetarian community and the general rediscovery of what may be the perfect food. It is no wonder that the soybean has appealed to us?geriatric research suggests that it may be the key to longevity. In a study involving people over the age of 100, it was found that the common link among them was the incorporation of soybean products into their daily diets. So what about the soybean makes it so special? Within the natural oils of the soybean is lecithin. Lecithin is an antioxidant, like vitamin C, and boasts the enhancement of memory, learning, and concentration abilities and protection from liver disease. Also, the soybean is a valuable source of dietary fiber, which aids in digestive processing and the lowering of cholesterol levels. Finally, a recent study reports that people who had soybean paste soup regularly had a significantly lower chance of contracting cancer.

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