HAITAI is a major beverage company in South Korea. Established in 1973, HAITAI has played a key role in pioneering the beverage industry by developing quality controls and consumer satisfaction checks.
HAITAI is composed of 3 manufacturing plants, 70 sales offices, 650 delivery trucks, 200 exclusive distribution centers, and 3,000 employees.
The total sales in 1999 was over $500 million.
HAITAI was the first in South Korea to introduce variety of beverages to the consumers such as natural juices, drinks, carbonated juice drinks, health drinks, and Korean tradition drinks such as fermented rice drinks and Chinese date drinks.
Most of new products introduced by HAITAI have been successful and leaded market trend. Most of our beverages are top selling products in the market.
We have exported large quantity of beverages to more than 30 countries since 1983.
The main markets are Russia, Africa and the Republic of China.
HAITAI continues to improve marketing concepts and the quality of products through international cooperation and license agreements.
Haitai has been a licensee of Sunkist Growers, lnc since 1976 and has one of the largest licensing programs in the Sunkist family.

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