The President, Mr.H. Y. Park, founded our company-Pusan Yu-eop Co.on April 27, 1969 in Pusan (Gumsa-Dong, Gumjeong-Gu, Pusan).
When he founded Pusan Yueop Co., most people got difficulties from such serious economy situations and shortages in supply of foods. From the difficulties, the President, Mr.Park, got a firm faith to dedicate himself to provide quality foods to the people.
In the beginning of the company, Hee Chang used the name as “Pusan Yu-eop Co.” and mostly produced powders.
In 1975, Pusan Yu-eop Co. sold off the company, Virac Co., Ltd.
In 1979, Pusan Yu-eop Co. enlarged its processing lines in Gumsa-Dong and also moved its enlarged factory, equipped the modernized dryers, to pukjeong-Dong, Yang San city.
In 1980, Pusan Yu-eop Co. newly produced products for vending machines due to the market trends.
In 1989, Pusan Yu-eop Co. changed its name from Pusan Yueop to HEE CHANG DAIRY & INDUSTRY CO., LTD.
In 1992, Hee Chang introduced new dryers from Denmark and improved quality of its products. From the efforts, Hee Chang is very proud of its quality products good enough comparing to its competitors and other major producers in the world.
In 1994, Hee Chang started to export “New Milky Extra & Creama” to Russia and other countries. From 1995, Hee Chang’s export volume was considerably increased.
We, HEE CHANG DAIRY & INDUSTRY CO., LTD. are still struggling ourselves to make our company as one of the major food makers and expand our quality businesses.
Yours Sincerely.

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