Nongshim is a food manufacturer specializing in Instant Noodle and snacks, topping the Korean food industry since its establishment in September 18, 1965. Since the inception of the new millennium, Nongshim has spared no effort to leapfrog to a global company and help create a better life by providing end-to-end services for promoting health and lifestyle. Nongshim has significantly contributed to the development of the Korean food industry, led by its research institute that was established together with the firm, through its continued investments in research and development. Currently, around 100 high caliber researchers holding doctoral or master’s degrees work for the research institute.
The hit products that Nongshim has rolled out so far include, to name a few, Shin ramyun, Ansung Tang myun, Neoguri, Chapagetti, Bowl noodle hot taste, Big bowl noodle shrimp taste, Shin cup noodle, and Saeng saeng bowl udon taste. Snacks such as shrimp crackers, onion rings, sweet potato snack, honey twist snack, potato chips have also been great successes.

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